Quotes of the week

If we try to move and overdo it, that overdoing will definitely come back to us. If we overdo it, our hearts become dark. Standing gently between the sky and the ground. If we only move decile, our hearts and bodies will make us understand a lot. The older I get, the more docile I want to become.


We can only clean our own hearts by our own movements. Therefore it is important to try to move beautifully when walking, running, and at kihon and kata.


Children and adults smile the same way after mastering a new technique. The happy smiles of my students when comprehending a new technique are incomparable.


Work on a technique until you can do it. Don’t give up cause it doesn’t work that well. No matter how many days it takes, keep on practicing until you can do it.


Everyday, every week continuing the same. This is the way to create the mental strength to which makes you stronger.


Picture by Kazuo Fukuchi

Collages by me

Norichika Tsukamoto 塚本徳臣 official profiles in Facebook & Twitter 


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