Spanish team for European championship 2015

European Shinkyokushin karate championship for Juniors and Adults will be held on 17 – 18 April 2014 in Warsaw, Poland.

Everything about the tournament you can follow of the application  for mobile phones.

Photo by
Photo by


Adrián Gómez Kata & Kumite
Mikel Iturrate Kata & Kumite
Irantzu García Kumite
Lidia Soriano Kata & Kumite
Maider Pérez Kata
Andrea Alcaraz Kumite
Denis Ruiz Kata & Kumite
Adrián Pérez Kumite
Arturo Pérez Kumite
Adrián Navarro Kumite
Kepa Etxeberr Kumite
Abdella Yahi Kumite
Isis Pinilla Kata & Kumite
Uxue López Kumite
Nuria Garrido Kata & Kumite
Aiala García Kumite
Carolina García Kumite
All information you may see HERE

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