Quotes of the week

Win or lose you will never regret working hard, making sacrifices, being disciplined or focusing too much.

Pictures: “Training at the beach with Kenji Yamaki” by EMA Dojo and Sensei Sholin

1518635_870201759737640_2948346899315776278_o 11060045_870201886404294_8638451306411798406_o 11258900_870200259737790_6126568630831536159_o 11754502_870202216404261_3952010845764915327_o 11779904_870202199737596_8260477917400480574_o 11802785_870202019737614_6266576344836037565_o 11807206_870201986404284_7789000304440857587_o 11807659_870202103070939_5797271117145353913_o

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