Quote of the week: Sensei Valeri says

Q: What do you think they named a kick with your name: “Valeri kick”?

VD: All the techniques which I use, everything is from the arsenal of karate and all in the karate world knows it. Name of technique can be anyone – I am only one of the participants in karate.

valeri dimitrov

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26th All Japan old new videos

1994 the 26th All Japan Open Championship. Many of the legendary profiles attended and fought each other on the tatami: Kenji Yamaki, Hiroki Kurosawa, Norchika Tsukamoto, Nicholas Pettas, Hajime Kazumi and more…

Here is some new videos from  Kyokushin Karate Youtube channel. Big Thank you! Big Osu!!

Norichika Tsukamoto VS Hiroyuki Mogi

Kenji Yamaki VS Norichika Tsukamoto

Norichika Tsukamoto VS Yasuhiro Shichinohe

Toru Okamoto VS Nicholas Pettas

Nicholas Pettas

3 seminars – 2 in Europe, 1 in Canada

► First is the 1st European Fullcontact Karate Camp 2016 – with

  • Shihan Kenji Midori
  • Shihan Yasukazu Koi
  • Sensei Norichica Tsukamoto
  • Sensei Valeri Dimitrov and many more instructors…

Registration is open on karate-camp.eu

► 2nd is training seminar, organized by Shinkyokushinkai France (FSKO) with

  • Sensei Muzaffer Bacak and Shihan Koen Spitaels

bacak & spitaels

More info: sebkyoku@aol.com

► And here is training camp with the great karatekas and teachers:

  • Shihan Brian Fitkin and Shihan Howard Collins 

Seminar will be held in September, 3-5th 2016 in Quebec, Canada


More infomation: www.kimartialartsdojo.com

The 1st European Fullcontact Karate Camp

The 1st EFKO Camp will be held on 3-4-5 June, Oostende Belgium. Please contact with Shihan Koen Spitaels for information


The following instructors already gave their support to come. Shihan Kenji Midori, shihan Semmy Schilt, shihan Yasukazu Koi, Sensei Dmitry Savelyev, sensei Norichica Tsukamoto, Sensei Jonathan Tineo Chica, Sensei Valeri Dimitrov and many more. Put this dates in your agenda, 3-4-5 June 2016, Oostende, Belgium

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Moments from 2015





Be part of 2016 EFKO camp!